Electrical Troubleshooting in Austin

Electrical problems are tricky at best, and dangerous at worst. If there’s something wrong with any part of your residential or commercial electrical system, don’t attempt to investigate it on your own, call Solarator Electric immediately!

Full-service and operating out of Austin for more than 27 years, our crew of licensed electricians are knowledgeable about circuit breakers, indoor and outer lighting, generators, house wiring, solar panels, and more!

As skilled professionals, we only work with the finest tools and materials. Your electrical inspection will be in-depth, and by the time we’re finished with the necessary maintenance, you won’t be seeing the same problem again for a very long time.

We Won’t Miss a Thing

Our electrical troubleshooting process is detailed, and safe. When you call us with an electrical problem, we’ll gather all the necessary information rather than jump right into things.

Standing back and doing our due diligence is what sets Solarator Electric apart from the rest.

Once we understand the malfunction, and the source, we’ll be able to determine the best way to attack the problem!

Following repair, we’ll perform multiple tests to ensure that the repair is solid and will hold up. End analysis is just as important as the initial inspection. Residential and commercial clients in Austin can rely on our certified electricians’ driven attitudes to take services the extra mile on every job!

Experienced Electrical Contractors

With over 27 years behind us, your Solarator Electric contractor will arrive at your home or business ready to assess and fix any problem. And, while troubleshooting sometimes requires a degree of trial and error, we work efficiently to get to the root of the problem quickly.

Outlet Troubleshooting

Problems with electric outlets are common in Austin. If they’re not working, or worse—sparking, we’ll look first to your circuit breaker and then see if there’s been exposure to water or an appliance caused your outlet to burn out. Caution is important when dealing with outlets, as they can easily cause an electrical fire.

Lighting Troubleshooting

Flickering lights or frequently burned out bulbs? You could be facing something as simple as using the wrong wattage of bulb, or there could be a problem with your wiring. If there is a poor connection somewhere along your wiring we’ll do a thorough electrical inspection, find it, and fix it.

Stay Safe With Solarator Electric

Electricity is a brilliant thing. We use it constantly in day to day life. Sometimes, we forget about how dangerous it can be. At Solartor Electric, our electrical contractors are well aware of the dangers of electricity and know how to assess, maintain, and repair electrical systems while avoiding injury or property damages.

Next time you notice a problem with the electrical system in your home or at your workplace, don’t try to fix it yourself. Trust in professional electricians who can troubleshoot your problems carefully and fix them quickly. We’ll even start you off with a free estimate for our services.

Give us a call today, we’re looking forward to speaking with you!