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Cummings Generators in San Antonio

If you are like most San Antonians, you probably don’t realize how much you depend on electricity until the moment you suddenly have to go without it. Sitting in your home without the comforts of Internet access, cable TV and air conditioning can make life tough. And that’s not even considering that without electricity, you lose the ability to cook and keep food fresh.

Losing power is the worst. If you know the helpless feeling that comes with being without power for a prolonged period of time, there is something you can do to prevent being left in the dark and that is getting in touch with the generator experts at Solarator Electric.

At Solarator Electric, we have been providing the good people of San Antonio with quality generators for years. Our complete installation of automatic standby generator systems for your home or business makes sure that you still have access to power even when the rest of the neighborhood goes dark.

Solarator Electric can equip your home or business with a Cummins generator. Cummins is a world leader in the design and manufacture of engines and power generation equipment. All major components of a Cummins generator are manufactured by the company itself from the engine to the alternator to the control systems making their products some of the most reliable on the market today.

If you are interested in outfitting your home or business with a Cummins generator to supply your San Antonio home or business with backup power, then call (210) 745-0282 to speak to one of our representatives and we will assist you in selecting the right generator for your needs.

Cummins Home Standby Generators

Cummins generators are the synonymous with reliability, durability and power. Whether you choose to back up your home’s power with a natural gas or liquid propane fueled generator, as soon as your power goes out, it will automatically deliver power quietly and quickly.

The key is to accurately evaluate your power use. This might be hard to gauge if you’re an average homeowner, but it’s easy for a Solarator Electric representative to figure it out. We will conduct the necessary tests and measurements to make sure that we find the perfect fit for a reliable standby generator for your San Antonio home.

Call (210) 745-0282 to arrange for your home electrical assessment today and we’ll be happy to consult with you.

Cummins Commercial Generators

When the power goes out in your San Antonio business, you are losing money and customers for every minute you are without electricity. Rather than be at the mercy of chance, equip your business with a Cummins generator that is rugged, dependable and always ready to provide your commercial space with power. Cummins offers a wide range of generators that deliver reliable, efficiency and versatile service to businesses in need.

Again, it is imperative to get the right fit for your electrical consumption, but that can be determined with ease with our professionals.