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Electrician in San Antonio TX

There are many different options for electrical service in San Antonio, however not all providers offer the same quality of service. At Solarator Electric we do not only provide a variety of electrical services, but we do so with the client in mind. We understand that each home is as unique as its owner, and therefore requires and deserves special treatment. That is why we take time to consult with clients to understand their issues, needs and desires to come up with the best solution. Simply put, we strive to be your number one choice when searching for an electrician in the San Antonio area.

Types of Services

We pride ourselves on being able to meet the various needs of our clients, be they individuals or large companies. Whether you are looking to install, repair or upgrade your systems we have an option for you. Some of our most common services include:

  • 120 and 240 volt commercial electrical services
  • generator installation
  • surge protection
  • indoor and outdoor lighting
  • and more

Full-Service Contractors

We cover all aspects of your project. From design to build, our professional team members are there to help bring your vision to reality. We can guarantee this because we invest in our project managers and technicians to ensure that they are up-to-date on the most current best practices and techniques. This not only helps to keep everyone safe, but also ensures that you receive fast, efficient service so that your electricity is up and running in no time.

What Makes Us Different

At Solarator Electric, our skilled team of electricians have the expertise and knowhow to take care of industrial electrical jobs of all shapes and sizes. We can manage your company’s service upgrades, wiring repairs and fixture installation in the most effective fashion possible. With years of experience in the industrial and commercial field, our experienced team at Solarator Electric knows what it takes to ensure your company’s electrical needs are taken care of to the highest possible standard. So, regardless of what type of industry you are involved in, we can offer a definite high-quality service for all our industrial and commercial clients. Our experience in a wide range of industries from biomedical manufacturers to corporate offices in the San Antonio region means that we are in the best situation possible to take care of your company’s needs. So, if your business needs an electronic inspection carried out or if you just want to make sure that your circuit boards are in full working order, then we can help. One of the other greatest advantages that Solarator Electric provides your San Antonio business is that we firmly believe in the mantra that prevention is far more important than the cure. This means ensuring that the most advanced and up-to-date preventative measures are taken. This includes replacing old wiring, bending conduit to the adequate level and making sure that your circuit boards are running smoothly. And if the worst case scenario occurs and disaster strikes your company’s electrical systems, our electricians are on call to help fix this serious problem quickly and efficiently. With a passion for all aspects of industrial and commercial electrical installation and repair, we will ensure that you are in the safest hands possible.

Re-Wiring and Panel Upgrades

The wires threaded throughout your home are a hidden power delivery system connecting your appliances to the energy they need to work as intended. Factors like time, aging infrastructure, remodeling, and additional features, like; hot tubs, air-conditioning and heat pumps, require the re-wiring expertise of a seasoned professional. We take the risk and uncertainty out of home electrics and schematics. From panel box upgrades to receptacle installs and outlet relocation, we do it all. Our team has been working with residents and building owners across town for a number of years troubleshooting connectivity problems and providing innovative, forward thinking solutions.

Lighting and Controls

Design the indoor and outdoor lighting atmosphere of your dreams. The sky is the limit when it comes to personalization. Add dimmer switches, emergency lights, accent lamps, and any style fixture wherever you please to set the tone you want. Allow us to design the control system that works best for your needs and budget. Speak to our illumination team to request a free quote.

When Should I Call the Professionals?

At Solarator Electric, we are big DIY enthusiasts and fully appreciate what a big role this mindset plays in the culture of San Antonio individuals and families growing their business from the ground up into successful commercial entities. However, the reality of the situation is that when it comes to ensuring that your home or business is fully fitted with the highest electrical standards, it is necessary to leave it to the professionals. The fact of the matter is that if you feel you are out of your depth when it comes to your home or business’s electrical needs, there really is only one number to call. So, if you have found yourself resetting circuit breakers or changing fuses far too often then you know what to do. Also, if you have noticed electrical burning and can’t explain its origin or have detected your home’s lights beginning to dim when the AC unit is switched on, then you need to let our skilled team of electricians know about it. We promise, you won’t regret it.

Structured Cabling

Get your home office or commercial location ready for the nature of your work with complete customization options that put the power of your success in your control. Telephone cables, wireless data centers, wired computer stations and telecommunications can be streamlined to prevent outages, loss of connectivity, confusion and waste, when properly installed and maintained. Tie up loose ends and get rid of cords for speakers and other computerized equipment for a sleek, safe, easy to manage cable system that adds value and a high level of professionalism to your organization.

Safety Regulations, Permits, and Building Code

Align your project with a successful, stress free outcome when your partner with Solarator. We know local building code, safety regulations, and permit requirements inside and out. Our team will guide you through the permit application process to make sure your build runs smoothly, as planned, and without a hitch.

Your safety and the livelihood of our service people rely on responsible, educated business practices. Our crews are trained, licensed and certified to professionally diagnose, repair or replace components of any kind. Don’t waste time and money waiting around for last minute paperwork to come through before you can move forward. Connect with us for more information on how we can add value to your project or building maintenance plan.

Detailed Inspections

There are many reasons to perform an inspection, from closing a real estate deal, and building additions, to preparing for the changing supply demands of the future. Our comprehensive written checklists detail every component in your home, locating problem areas and providing a clear picture of the health of your sockets, ground faults, fuses, panels and more. We use advanced tools and non-invasive technology to look deep into the core of your building without disturbing your belongings and with minimal interruption to your daily activities.

Solarator Electric - Estimates You Can Trust

Transparent pricing, fair estimates that don’t change unexpectedly, and guaranteed workmanship make us leaders in our field. Our history of being reliable long term business partners speaks for itself. We’re there, on time, when you need us.