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There are many different options for electrical service in San Antonio, however not all providers offer the same quality of service. At Solarator Electric we do not only provide a variety of electrical services, but we do so with the client in mind. We understand that each home is as unique as its owner, and therefore requires and deserves special treatment. That is why we take time to consult with clients to understand their issues, needs and desires to come up with the best solution. Simply put, we strive to be your number one choice when searching for an electrician in the San Antonio area.

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Surge Protection

Simply put, power surges are brief spikes in electrical power. About one third of power surges enter your home through power lines, telephone lines and cable or satellite TV lines. These are the most damaging type of power surges. The other two thirds of power surges are actually generated by equipment inside your home and are mostly due to motors and compressors in large appliances turning on and off.

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As the leading electrical generator service provider in Braunfels, it is fair to say that Solarator Electric LLC has learned a thing or two about how to deliver a premium-level service that simply won’t be beat for quality, value for money or convenience

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Cummings Generators

All major components of a Cummins generator are manufactured by the company itself from the engine to the alternator to the control systems making their products some of the most reliable on the market today.

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