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Have you ever thought about how much everything in your home that uses electricity is worth? From televisions to computers, printers and kitchen appliances, the electronics and appliances in your home are easily worth several thousands of dollars. Now, have you ever thought about how power surges could damage your valuable belongings?

What are power surges and what damage can they cause?

Simply put, power surges are brief spikes in electrical power. About one third of power surges enter your home through power lines, telephone lines and cable or satellite TV lines. These are the most damaging type of power surges. The other two thirds of power surges are actually generated by equipment inside your home and are mostly due to motors and compressors in large appliances turning on and off.

Large power surges originating from outside your home can cause electronics and other electrical equipment to break and stop working. The smaller power surges due to the appliances in your home can disrupt your electronics. You'll notice things like your computer freezing or shutting down and your washing machine shutting down before the end of the cycle. In addition to these disruptions, smaller power surges can also degrade your electronics and cut their lifespan short. Electronics and appliances that you thought would last 10 years or more end up dying much sooner than that.

How can I protect my home from power surges?

At Solarator Electric LLC, we have been installing surge protection systems in homes and businesses across the San Antonio area for years and we know they're your best defense against power surges.

Surge protectors are designed to reduce and divert damaging short-duration voltage spikes away from your home or business, much like a pressure relief valve protects water heaters from overpressure.

Whole Home Surge Protection System

Solarator Electric LLC protects your home and all the components inside it using the SurgeAssure Whole Home Surge Protection system. This system tackles pesky power surges by using different types of surge protectors all working together to protect your home. Surge protectors are usually broken down into the primary and secondary type.

The first type of surge protector we'll install in your San Antonio home is the primary type.

These surge protectors will be applied to the incoming electrical, phone and cable or satellite TV lines to protect your electrical components from large power surges originating outside of your home. Primary surge protection devices must be installed by certified electricians like our team members at Solarator Electric LLC.

Then, localized secondary surge protection will be installed at key locations throughout your home to protect your electronic devices and appliances from internally-generated power surges. The team at Solarator Electric LLC can also help you with this task.