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Take Command of Your San Antonio Home’s Energy Use.

Sense monitors your home’s electric use to help you save money, see what’s on or off, and even avoid disaster.

Powered by a monitor that installs in your electric panel, it reads the current one million times each second and processes that data to present a whole-home view you can’t get anywhere else.
Save Energy and Money.Saving starts with understanding your home’s energy use. Sense gives you the data and information you need to take action. The average user saves between 6-9% and some save much, much more. How much could you save?
See What’s Up.Know What’s On.®Sense uses machine learning to look at all the power in your home and pick apart the individual devices that are on and off. It’s a unified view of the dumb and smart devices in your home through just one app.
Installing the Sense monitor

Note: The Sense Home Energy Monitor should be installed by an electrician or qualified professional, and should be installed in compliance with all applicable local codes.
How Does Sense Detect My Devices?
Sense Home Energy Monitor Reviews

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